Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Mille Feuilles, Fake Half Days and Unif Kickflip Dress

  Today(a.k.a yesterday but let's just pretend it was today) and tomorrow I had/have a half day at school. You'd think I'd be excited about this considering how much I totally loathe school, but no, not even close(okay a little because more time at home but I'm still mad). Our half days aren't like the half days in elementary school, what they do at my school is keep all the classes the same length and take away our lunch. WHAT. no. stoooooooooop.
  I ALSO GOT MILLE FEUILLES. (translation: thousand sheets) It is the most delicious thing in the world. And they finally had it at the little french bakery. So I bought two. Of course. And I had tea with it and watched tv.
  Aaaaaaaaand my Unif Kickflip dress arrived in the mail! I ordered it off of nasty gal and it actually came pretty fast. It is soooooo so so so pretty and flattering(not that you can tell at all from the pictures. I'm really unphotogenic, if that's a word, if not we'll make it one) and comfortable too! It's just perfect. And I got a lot of complements on it, INCLUDING FROM MY TEACHER WHO HATES ME. She said "Kya, ton ensemble allaire tres chic aujourd'hui!"(I'm in french immersion) Which translates roughly to "I hate you". I'm kidding :) "Your outfit looks very 'chic' today". But then she looked at my shoes(Jeffrey Campbell 18th street)  and said "but your shoes are kind of scary" but she said it with a smile so it was still good.
  And the reason I'm holding my voodoo book is because in english I'm doing a 2,000 word essay on whatever I wanted to and I chose to do it on vooooodoooooooooo because I love voodoo. And it's not bad and I want to tell people that. Most hoodoo is bad but I won't do that, it's just cool to learn about other cultures so I'm reading about that two a little. I'm excited for writing it because it's something I'm really interested in but I'm not excited about the fact that it's due on march 8th and he JUST gave us the project.


(p.s. if my arm looks messed up it's because I Photoshopped out a pretty big mysterious bruise that looks like I have a disease)

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