Saturday, 16 February 2013


Shirt-Monster Truck Show

  So I finally figured out how to get these pictures onto my blog! So yay I'll actually be able to post things! I went to a monster truck show! It was pretty awesome, and really loud. I had fun though. Before the show we went to American Apparel, so that's why it's pretty much all I'm wearing. Whoops.
  We also went to ikea because I redecorated my room. It's kind of amazing. I did a before video and I'm going to do an after video and edit it all to put on here and youtube for the world to see. Those two plants featured are from ikea. The palm tree is named Fernalicious(my mom thought it was a fern) and the bonsai is named Cliff(we went to a kobe restaurant before the monster truck show and our chef was named cliff). 
  Lets hope I post more!

xoxo gossip Kya

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